Emma Lomax SOS Kits Are Here To Save Us All

We’ve all been there, desperately searching your handbag for a safety pin, kirby grip, tampon or plaster when emergency strikes. Be it at work, on a night out or on holiday, you just don’t know when a beauty or fashion disaster is on the horizon.

But fret no more, because Emma Lomax is here to put an end to all that drama. Enter the SOS Kits.

There’s a different kit for all sorts of occasion – hen night, wedding day, office, festival, night out – but one thing’s for sure; your bag needs these!

 Every Day SOS Kit

Mini sewing kit for a popped button, hair ties, plasters, tampons, antibacterial wipes, a nail file and nail polish remover wipes for an on-the-go transformation – this one’s got it all for day-in-day-out drama avoidance.

emma lomax mini sos kit-pink and yellow star-look.co.uk Mini SOS Kit, £15


Hen Night SOS Kit

What do you need in a hen night emergency? With dry shampoo, waterproof make-up remover, antiperspirant wipes, safety pins and heel blister pads, we think this covers all the biggies.

emma lomax hen night sos kit-look.co.uk Hen SOS Kit, £24


Gym SOS Kit

Don’t let anything get in the way of working out – with this kit you’ve got a spare padlock for your locker, earphones, hair ties, dry shampoo and antibacterial wipes for, well, just in case!

emma lomax gym sos kit-look.co.uk Gym SOS Kit, £24


Holiday SOS Kit

Pack this and you can rest easy knowing you’re prepared for anything on your travels. Devices out of battery? You’ve got a portable charger. Lost your earring backs? You have spares. Need to block out all the noise and get some sleep? Yep, you even have earplugs among your 16 SOS essentials.

emma lomax sos holiday kit-look.co.uk Holiday SOS Kit, £30


By Amy Lewis