Helena Christensen Loves Dogs Trust Snout Balm, £6.99

Get ready to pamper your pooches with these Dogs Trust beauty buys! Your dog will have the softest snout on the block. Ex-Victoria’s Secret Model Helena Christensen is already a fan, and she’s not just using it on her pooch, but on herself and her son too! “My son always gets dry, sore lips throughout winter,” she said. “And after trying every lip balm out there, we tried the Snout Balm. His lips haven’t been chapped since. I use the balm myself now, on my lips and on dry skin. It’s a little miracle.”


The LOOK beauty desk are a little unsure about sharing a lip balm with our dog. But did you know the iconic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream was originally used to soothe the bruises on horses’ legs? The Dogs Trust Snout Balm could be the next big thing to hit the high street beauty world, but remember you heard it here first! The amazing Snout Balm is only £6.99 and it’s available to buy at dogstrustproducts.com. VJ