The Sonic Hair Smoothing Irons… That Use No Heat!

This might look like a straightener but Ego Therapy Cold Conditioning Tool, £109, is a good-for-your-hair iron which helps hydrate your locks by intensifying your treatments, leaving you with healthier, stronger hair.

Here’s 7 reasons why this cool-tool is really worth investing in…

1. For those who aren’t tech savvy we’ll break the science down for you… Innovative infrared technology and magnetic pulsating ultrasound shrinks the molecules of your products down to minuscule size so that they can penetrate deeper into your hair shaft. The light also stimulates amino acids and proteins found naturally in the hair so that new ones can form.

2. Shampoo and apply your conditioning treatment as normal, then work the tool through your hair in small sections while it’s wet. If you’re not using a leave-in product make sure you wash your hair again afterwards, then dry and style as normal. Repeat the process every 2-3 washes.

Beauty Assistant Gaby tests out the the 'cool tool' Beauty Assistant Gaby tests out the the ‘cool tool’

3. While the red glow coming off the plates might give the impression of heat, these clever conditioning plates are totally heatless so there’s no risk of any further damage your hair like other heat-activated treatments – hurrah!

4. You know how you normally try to leave your mask on overnight or sit twiddling your thumbs wearing a shower cap on in a bid to speed it up, well, scrap that, this helps you save time on treatments so you can treat your tresses in record time. Your hair will dry faster, too.

Mid smoothing

5. They don’t just leave your hair feeling softer and looking shinier, they also help to fight our arch nemesis, frizz and, get this, they also bring dull looking colour back to life. Expect vibrant, silky, frizz free hair – aka the hair we’ve all been dreaming of.

6. They’ll magically turn any ordinary conditioner, mask or treatment, into a supercharged hair savior, in other words you’ll get the maximum benefits from any of your products. Wave bye, bye to expensive salon treatments.

7. Unlike straighteners, the more you use them the better condition your hair will be in.

The results. Instantly less frizz! The results. Instantly less frizz!

Ego Therapy is available at Boots and Selfridges.