ALL Your Autumn Hair Dilemmas, Solved By LOOK

Whatever your Autumn hair ‘mare, we’ve got the answer…

Dilemma: Central-Heating Hair

Switching between cold weather outside and hot central heating indoors is guaranteed to suck the moisture from your hair leaving it seriously dry.

Fix It: Sleep with Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Night Repair Serum, 12.95 on, the nourishing treatment will smooth your hair shafts while you sleep, so you wake up with soft, silky locks.

Lee Stafford Argan Oil From Morocco Night Repair Serum, 12.95

Dilemma: Hot, Humid Commute

Muggy mornings and packed trains are a recipe for frizz attacks.

Fix It: Babyliss Pro Iconic Shine Brush, £23.85 is the electric toothbrush of all hairbrushes. It infuses the hair with positive ions which smooth out the hair follicle making it shiner and less prone to frizz, static and flyways. 

Babyliss Pro Iconic Shine Brush, £23.85


Dilemma: Windswept Locks

It’s official; gale force winds are guaranteed to screw up your style.

Fix It: There aren’t many hairsprays that’s stand up against blustery weather, but Batiste’s new Hold Me Hairspray, £4.49, is the best we’ve found. The 24hour max strength formula will keep strands locked down all day long.

Batiste Hold Me Hairspray, £4.49

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Dilemma: Dizzle-Proof Your Blow Dry

You’ve spent all morning crafting the perfect bouncy blow-dry, now don’t let the drizzle dampen your do.

Fix It: Mist your locks with Macadamia Professional Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray, £18.95. It acts like an umbrella for your hair, thanks to the weightless, water-resistant formula.

Macadamia Professional Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray, £18.95

Dilemma: Hellish Hat Hair

Your cool new hat may look chic but it plays havoc with your hairstyle, think, flat roots and kinked ends, not fun!

Fix It:Prep your locks with Mark Hill’s XL Volume Amplifying Serum, £7.49, the thickening formula is like collagen for hair, plumping and strengthening every single strand to protect against flatness and kink-proof the lengths.

Mark Hill XL Volume Amplifying Serum, £7.49