Easy Peasy Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

Struggling with what to do with your hair?

Try some of these simple but stylish no-fuss ‘dos. These four hairstyles don’t require much time or skill at all, and are gorgeously flattering!

And, even better, they can be a quick-fix for unwashed hair too… 

Just because it isn’t summer, doesn’t mean you can’t recreate Gigi Hadid’s glamorous beachy waves for Christmas!

1. First Spray some sea salt spray throughout your hair. We recommend the Bumble and bumble’s Surf Infusion Spray, £21.50 as it amazingly keeps hair moisturized and smells lush too!

2. Section off your hair

3. Curl your hair around the barrel of your wand or straightener slowly holding for a few seconds in each direction

4. Let the wave fall and repeat and keeping doing this until there are no more sections left

5. Brush through your hair and top it off with some hairspray to hold the style.

If you have short hair and are dying for some inspiration, look no further than Sienna Miller’s messy yet chic twisted braids.

1. Create a middle part to separate the two sections and remember to leave the rest of your hair loose.

2. Take the first front section and twist back into a super tight braid and hold in place with a clear elastic band, then repeat with the second section making sure both braids are secured at the back of your head.

3. Top it off with some hairspray and loosely tong the rest of your hair.

Avoid messingly throwing your hair into a bun, and try out a sexy, sleek and easy topknot style like Bella Hadid’s instead!

1. Make sure your hair is perfectly straight

2. Apply a sculpting paste or smoothing serum on your hair and start brushing your hair upwards.

3. Make sure that your still looks sleek and has no bumps

4. Make a topknot by twisting your hair tightly and using a bobby pin to hold in place. Add the perfect finishing touch by using a strong hold hairspray.

DON’T be afraid to try out a sophisticated, slicked back ‘do. This popular hairstyle is the easiest day to night look ever. It also works better when you haven’t had time to wash your hair, which is the perfect solution for those who love (don’t love) doing their hair last minute.

1. Start with dry hair that’s a little dirty as this will add texture and also hold for the look longer.  If you have curly hair, its best to blow-dry your hair straight

2. Brush your hair away from your face (backwards) to get rid of any tangles, making sure your hair looks sleek

3. Grab your fave leave in conditioner or if you’re really going DIY grab some coconut oil and mix with a dry oil, we recommend Dove’s Hair Pure Care Oil Nourishing Treatment For All Hair Types, £9.99. Run this through your hair making sure to pull away from your face

4. Keep adding the product until you’ve got the polished finish you like! Then add some flexible hold hairspray.

Amra Markic