Dry Shampoo Paper Is Officially A Thing And It Sounds Amazing


You get home from a long day, immediately put on your comfies and settle down to watch hours of Netflix. Before you know it, it’s bedtime and you forgot to wash your second day hair… And nothing sounds worse than setting an extra early alarm just to wash your locks clean in the morning. We’ve all been there, let’s be honest.

For most of us, our first solution would be to grab that trusty bottle of dry shampoo that’s overly loved in the bathroom cabinet. But then, instant regret – a cloud of white residue has settled down on your hair and won’t go away. Not cool.

Now what? You’re late, you have white hair and no time to rectify the situation.

But good news guys – NYC’s top hairstylist, Nunzio Saviano is here to save the day (and our greasy hair).

We’ve all become accustomed to blotting sheets once in our lives, right? The T-zone’s getting a bit too oily and a little dab will help say goodbye to that unwanted shine. Well, the ultimate hair guru has figured that those little pieces of paper are a perfect pair with dry shampoo. Say hello to Dry Shampoo Paper:

Nunzio told Teen Vogue:

“A lot of my clients love the idea of dry shampoo but are turned off by the dull, heavy feel of traditional spray products. My sheets deliver the results clients are looking for without the negative side effects”

Nunzio’s dry shampoo blotting sheets are made from oil-absorbent rice paper infused with a transparent powder that absorbs the oils from your hair without leaving any chalky or gritty residue behind. YAY, say no to white hair.

They’re as easy as pie to use – just like blotting paper for your face, simply press the sheet on areas of your head that need a help in hand. And voila, no more greasy hair within seconds.

Bonus – you can sleep in and cheat ‘wash’ your hair on-the-go.

A pack costs $24 and contains 50 sheets – look out for them in September when they’re launching on NunzioSaviano.com

Sadly, Dry Shampoo Paper is only available in the US at the moment but hopefully they’re drop in the UK soon. Fingers crossed.

…But to be honest, we think the shipping costs will be worth it for the lazy days.

By Sammie Liu