The Scary Reason Why Your Dry Shampoo Might Actually Be Dangerous


It’s a known fact that aerosol cans are highly flammable – after all, it’s the main reason we’re not allowed to carry them on planes. BUT does it stop us from leaving dry shampoo and hairspray on our make-up desk by the window?

Um, no… Probably not.

Unfortunately for a number of Ipsy Glam Bag subscribers in the US, they experienced the real dangers of an aerosol can when the April edition of the subscription included dry shampoo. There were at least six reports of the Luseta Beauty Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo exploding after being left in cars. SIX! Thankfully, no one was injured… but it’s still pretty scary.

When the news started to surface, Ipsy sent emails to it’s subscribers warning about the dangers of aerosol cans: “Like other aerosol products, this dry shampoo is flammable, so please exercise care: avoid fire, flame, or smoke during use, and protect from sunlight or heat.”

A few days later, Ipsy resent the email adding: “DON’T PLACE YOUR GLAM BAG MAILER ON THE DASHBOARD OF YOUR CAR.”

In a final email last week, Ipsy advised its subscribers to dispose of the Luseta dry shampoo as it was too high of a risk. They believed there was a default in the packaging which made it more sensitive to heat, and nothing wrong with the product itself. Yikes.

From now on, we’re being EXTRA careful with our aerosols. Be careful to not ever place your aerosols near radiators or anywhere that is exposed to the sun. If you’re a gym go-er, take extra caution not to leave your deodorant cans in your gym bag in the back of your car.

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By Paige Mooney