Downton Abbey’s Beauty Collaboration With Marks & Spencer

Downton Abbey and Marks & Spencer have teamed up to bring you a gorgeous new bundle of beauty goodies so you can literally scrub up like Lady Mary!

If you’re a big fan of the hit ITV show and but even bigger fan of the cast’s ethereal beauty then you’ll be dying to get your preened-to-perfection hands on M&S’ elegant 10-piece-collection.

Featuring nail polishes, lip balms, candles, soaps and body lotions, the high-street store’s Edwardian range will have you smelling of regality but not before the pretty pieces spruce up your bathroom. 

Each beauty buy boasts the Downton crest, a quote from the series and an iconic picture of the Abbey so you can pretend you’re putting on your lippie in the drawing room before heading off for a secret kissing session with the show’s super-hot Lord Anthony Gillingham

The ornate collection will be hitting stores on the 10th October, but you can snap up the charming cosmetics exclusively at M&S online from 28th September, so pre-order your corset and start heating up those rollers – they’re a must have for die-hard DA fans.

By Claire Blackmore

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