Donkey Milk Beauty. Would You?

It’s the new thing, appaz…

Just when you think you have heard it all, some new kind of crazy comes and slaps you in the face. Quite literally in this case…

Donkey milk. The juice milked from actual donkeys. Apparently it’s all the rage in the beauty world! And the benefits are *major*. We’re honestly not joking.

Korean ladies *know* their beauty, that’s why the world has gone nuts for all things Korean. K-beauty like sheet face masks, lip sleeping masks, make up sponges… you name it, we want it but only from Korea.

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Now, we might even want this. A face mask made from the delights of donkey’s milk. According to experts donkey’s milk is packed full of good stuff. It has four times more vitamin C than cow’s milk, tons of proteins, minerals and essential fatty acids all which go to make up a very potent mix for skin. As well as being mega hydrating, donkey’s milk brightens the skin and is believed to help with skin conditions such as eczema. Cleopatra was a BIG fan, farming up to 700 donkeys for their glorious milk so she could look amazing.


This mask isn’t the only Eeyore-endorsed product available. There’s also a Donkey Milk Moist Cream for everyday donkey milk goodness.

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Tbf, it’s hardly the weirdest beauty trend we’ve heard about. Remember Posh’s bird poo facials? Or that time when the *only* substance to slick over your chops was that of a gloopy snail. Or how about when they told us injecting our own blood BACK into our face was absolutely the best way to avoid the gloom of ageing? Vampire facials might have been the worst.


Donkey milk all of a sudden doesn’t seem so bad. We could be recommending you stock up on the latest superfood craze – COCKROACH MILK.

‘Scuse us while we vom…

By Ellen Kerry