The DIY Hayfever Hack You Need To Know

'Cos pollen is the devil

Any hayfever sufferer will know that when it comes to summer: pollen is the absolute worst. But there’s now a DIY hayfever relief hack doing the rounds on the internet and we need to try it.

Whether you’ve run out of antihistamines, you experience bad side effects or you just want to go down a natural route – here’s a DIY hayfever relief trick to try…

It’s all to do with a blend of three essential oils; lavender, lemon, and peppermint.

But how you ask? Well… together, each of these essential oils work to reduce the main symptoms of hayfever. Lavender to act as a natural antihistamine. Peppermint to clear the sinuses and lemon to work its anti-inflammatory properties. Magical.

Here’s How To DIY Your Own Hayfever Relief

The easiest way to DIY your own hayfever medicine is to mix these oils in hot water and use to steam. Alternatively you can blend them into a solid oil (like coconut oil) which can then be rubbed over the skin to ease symptoms.

Applying the oil mix behind the ears on pulse points and under the nose works wonder for hayfever.

Read the full recipe via Popsugar. Brb, we’re off to get blending oils!