Your Favourite Foods Can Give You Better Brows

If there’s one thing we’re always striving for, it’s better eyebrows. We welcome fleeky brow hacks with open arms, and this one has blown us away.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, and we are absolutely losing our minds over this brow related one.

It’s come to light that the holy trinities of womanhood have a strange connection. That’s right… chocolate, coffee and eyebrows have more significance to each other than you think.

C+C=E… Hmmmm.

Apparently, coffee and chocolate can be combined to create a DIY brow tint! Yup, witchcraft is real, people.

This surprising dream-come-true recipe has been recommended to the world by beauty blogger Jennifer Chu, who’s Youtube channel is dedicated to sharing useful tips and hacks.

According to Jennifer, the secret to easily making a brow tint at home is mixing coffee grounds, cocoa powder, coconut oil and honey.

Here’s the method behind the magic…


Start by adding two tablespoons of coffee grounds into a bowl. Then add cocoa powder to lighten the shade to your preference and mix together thoroughly.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.11.08


To give the mixture the ability to stay firmly put on your brows while the tint develops, add coconut oil and honey to the bowl and mix together until it is a liquid paste.

Any natural sticky product (think maple syrup etc) will also work great in this step; so don’t worry if you don’t have coconut oil and honey to hand. Have a raid of your cupboards and we’re sure you’ll find a good substitute.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.11.47


To prep your eyebrows for the tint, give them a quick brush through with a spoolie.


Take the tint on an angled brush and apply to your brows as neatly as possible – you don’t want a tinted forehead!

Also, make sure your brows are evenly coated to avoid gaps.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.12.43


Let the tint develop for twenty minutes, then wipe away the excess to reveal absolutely flawlessly tinted brows!

We will definitely be trying this ASAP – we would never pass up the opportunity to save some £££ and do a beauty treatment in the comfort of our own homes.

Watch Jennifer’s full tutorial below!

By Catherine Delves