Dita Von Teese Talks DIY Beauty And Party Style

Dita Von Teese, 43, is a serious DIY diva – she dyes her own hair, designs her own lingerie and does her own makeup. So you can imagine how excited the LOOK office was we heard Dita was bringing out her ultimate go-to guide to getting glam: Your Beauty Mark. We spoke to her to find out about the woman behind that perfectly painted pout…

Congrats on your new book, Dita! Who can you imagine will enjoy this the most?

I think every woman can take tips from it. More women are embracing glamour now, and I want to invite more people into this world of eccentric beauty. I’ve let them in on secrets that I’ve taken from experts I’ve met over the years – from nutrition, fitness to fashion.

What’s the number one beauty rule you’ve learnt over the years?

I’m all about breaking the rules!

How many red lipsticks do you own?

Oh, easily over 100! At the moment my go-to is a matte pink-based red I created for MAC called Von Teese [Out 16 Dec] – it’s great for parties. I’m a big collector of makeup and often keep a lot just for reference. I have maybe 10 on the go. 

How do you create your signature retro waves?

My hair’s naturally very straight, which I don’t really like. So I set it in rollers straight after I’ve washed it, then pin it back. For extra glam I love to add accessories liked jeweled pins and silk scarves. It’s fun to experiment.


Flower power goes glam. Picture credit: Scott Nathan


And you dye your jet-black hair at home…

I love doing it myself – I have done since my early twenties. I have naturally blonde hair so every two weeks I do it at home. I’d rather that than sit in a [hairdressers] chair for two hours.

How much has the burlesque scene changed since you started out?

Burlesque is now very different to how it was in the past – from that whole ‘bump and grind’ striptease which was primarily entertainment for men. Ultimately it’s about women having the choice to do whatever they want to do. If I do a show now, compared to when I started out, about 80% of the audience are women.

How do you like to keep in shape?

I enjoy doing a Pilates class about three times a week. While everyone wants to look good, it’s really about having strength and confidence. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day if I exercise in the morning.

Of course you’re famous for your corset collection. How do you feel about waist trainers?

I probably have about 500 corsets in my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing them since I was 18, I love the look of them and they’re great for my burlesque shows. But I personally don’t use waist trainers. I think they’re way too extreme – they shouldn’t be a substitute for exercise by any means. It’s a form of body modification.

What are your top tips for feeling confident at a Christmas party?

Wear something you love – my go-to outfit that I always feel amazing in is an LBD and Christian Louboutin heels. And drink a glass of water for every glass of champagne!

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Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide To Eccentric Glamour by Dita Von Teese with Rose Apodaca (£25, HarperCollins).

By Emma Firth