5 Disney Princesses With Real Life Hair Problems

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We’ve seen an awful lot of Disney Princess reimaginings over the past year, and Buzzfeed is back with a fantastically real video that showcases what our favourite fairytale ladies would actually look like if they had realistic hairstyles. 

See: Disney Princess Problems


Because, don’t think we didn’t notice how flawless Ariel looked as she splashed her way up onto that rock. 

1. Cinderella

>Disney / Buzzfeed / Loryn Brantz 


Were we the only ones that picked up on Cinderella’s complete lack of bed head once the clock struck morning? 

Now we can chant I Woke Up Like This with Cinders in unison. 

2. Pocahontas

>Disney / Buzzfeed / Loryn Brantz 


Pocahontas now understands the pain of waiting for the bus on a winter morning. 

We recommend a tangle teaser, FYI. 

3. Snow White

>Disney / Buzzfeed / Loryn Brantz 


Snow White knows all about those frizzy hair problems, at least in Buzzfeed’s alt universe.

We feel so much better about ourselves in this reality. 

4. Elsa

>Disney / Buzzfeed / Loryn Brantz 


Frozen’s Elsa seems to have skipped a few salon appointments. 

Well, to be fair to her, she was in hiding and squating in an ice castle for quite a while. Ice Queen problems. 

5. Jasmine

>Disney / Buzzfeed / Loryn Brantz 


If you’ve been harbouring resentment for Jasmine’s ridiculously voluminous hair, even after swooping around on that carpet, you’ll enjoy this one. 

That’s better.