So There’s A Range Of Lipstick Inspired By Disney Princesses

Last week we brought you the super exciting news of a Harry Potter lipstick range, and we didn’t think we’d ever be as happy as we were then. 

Until now.

Why? Because the very same company, LA Splash Cosmetics, has only gone and created another collection of hot lip shades – but, this time, inspired by our favourite Disney Princesses. 



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Although it seems that, much like the HP line, the range isn’t an official collaboration with our beloved Disney BFFs, they appear to have drawn inspiration from the fairytale’s leading ladies. 

Each waterproof lipstick is named after a Disney Princess, character or a villain (well, you can’t forget about Evil Queen, are we right?).



The nude shades are covered by Nala and Belle (who’s known for boasting natural beauty), and the other brighter end of the spectrum pays homage to the more colourful characters of Jasmine (she is an Arabian Princess after all) and Esmeralda (whose purple gypsy dress is perfectly captured in a bold tonal shade). 

We have to point out that a few of the colourways aren’t quite what we would have expected. Ariel, for example, who’s known for her gorgeous flame-coloured locks, may have been better suited to a bold citrus orange instead of the pinker pigment of the range. 

Also, Alice (from the fantastical Alice In Wonderland) would have been the perfect name to go alongside a bold blue lip. Remember her cutesy pinafore dress? 

> Instagram: @Roseshock wears Esmeralda


Instagram, naturally, has exploded at the news (not literally, like Belle’s father’s experiments, obvs).  

And, who are we kidding?

Nothing will dull our excitement at a beauty line that’s drawn inspiration from the wonderful world of Disney… 

Now to get our hands on some. We want ALL of the colours. 

By Laura Jane Turner