Fancy Dip Dye Hair? Read Our Expert Tips

Eager to follow in the dip dye hair footsteps of Lauren Conrad, Jessie J and Rachel Bilson? We caught up with fab Headmasters colour director, Siobhan Jones, for all the best colouring tips on how to achieve perfect dip dye hair. And best of all, Siobhan’s going to let us in to a few secrets that will keep our dip dye hair bang on trend for 2013. Excited, us?

  • Create volume – “Ombre colour has had an update for 2013, it’s all about creating volume and accentuating face shape rather than just length. The best way to achieve this is with a technigue called balayage – the colour is painted onto the hair free hand to give a gorgeous, even result whilst still allowing some natural colour to show through.”
  • Length is key – “Ombre colour suits just about everyone, but those with short hair should opt for subtle colouring rather than anything too drastic as it can be hard to wear. If the hair is short I would recommend keeping the colour change a few hues lighter or darker than the natural colour, as it will be the most flattering. If the hair is long then anything goes.”
  • Lifestyle matters – “Always take lifestyle into consideration, going for an extreme dip-dye won’t work if your look is conservative. The technique is perfect for those who love low commitment colour as most changes are made under the hair line so roots aren’t visible.”
  • The 2013 twist – “Traditional dip dyes were created to exaggerate length which can sometimes make roots appear flat. For a 2013 update, add flashes of the lighter colour around the hairline and under the parting, it will encourage volume and create a more flattering look.”
  • Use a colour expert – “They can not only choose the most flattering colour shade but also use the correct products so that hair is not damaged.”

Our favourite thing about dip dye hair? Siobhan says: “It’s really cost effective compared to traditional highlights as roots are less visible”.

Who needs a fashion bargain when you’ve got a hair bargain right here?

By Hannah Gale

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