Find Your Perfect Lipstick With Dior’s New Beauty Tool

We can send emails half-way around the world, purchase just about anything at the tap of a button, and even read the latest issue of LOOK magazine from a device in our pocket, but we STILL can’t find the perfect shade of red lipstick. But don’t worry makeup fans; the beauty world is catching up with us.

The amount of times we’ve heard someone say ‘this lipstick just doesn’t suit me’; well, Dior have proved that’s just not true. To complement the release of Rouge Dior Brillant, a super shiny lip gloss containing a nourishing lip care oil, the beauty team at Dior have revealed their latest advance in makeup tech. The Dior Lip Match Tool is a clever little gadget which matches your skin tone to six different shades of lip product; be it lipstick or lipgloss, in four distinct colour families – beige to brown, coral, pink to purple, red.

We all like something to be the perfect match, and what better than scientific evidence. The Lip Match Tool is available to try out now at Dior beauty counters nationwide; it’s totally free of charge and no appointment is necessary. So not only can you finally find the most flattering shade of red for you, but the perfect purple, the best nude, the cutest shade of coral… sorry, bank balance.


Annie Quinton