Millie Mackintosh Just Unveiled Cute DIY Freckles

It’s official! Freckles are this season’s *hottest* accessory.

Millie Mackintosh was very keen to show off some drawn-on speckles while shooting her latest clothing campaign at the weekend. And she looked SO cute.

The 26-year-old captioned a pretty selfie: ‘Love my freckles for today’s #MillieAW15 shoot! @scarlettrainer @kirstyobrienhair @angiesmithstyle @oliverichardson90 @limewoodhotel.’

But she isn’t the only one who may have had a little help from a pencil to achieve a sunkissed look.

Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner posted a stunning make-up free selfie to Instagram. It saw her showing off her blemish-free complexion and perfectly-shaped brows as she smiled coyly into the camera.

> Kendall Jenner has some *very* cute freckles in this Instagram selfie


But despite looking absolutely ah-mazing, Kendall seemed a little shy about her low-key look. In fact, she’d covered half her face with her hand.

However, this didn’t stop us from seeing the adorable freckles over her cheeks and nose.

Yes, you heard us right. Freckles!

Didn’t think Kendall had been blessed with these? Well, if you take a look back at photos from her younger years, you’ll notice that she did used to have a faint smattering across her face.

> Kendall Jenner had a faint smattering of freckles in her younger years


But unfortunately for Kendall, freckles can fade if a person hasn’t been in the sun for a while. And we must admit, we haven’t noticed any in more recent images of her, although this could be down to cosmetics.

> We can’t normally spot freckles on Kendall Jenner’s face


So some fans have questioned whether she may have had a little help from a pencil to create her youthful look.

This is a totally viable option. In fact, if you fancy giving yourself a sun-kissed accessory this summer, we’ve got a handy guide to achieving Kendall’s speckles at home.

Freckles are massively en vogue right now, so you’ll be bang on-trend for the warmer months.

Kendall wasn’t the only Jenner who’d snapped themselves wearing no make-up. In fact, her younger sister Kylie uploaded a pretty au naturel image of herself before bed.

> Kylie Jenner also shared a make-up free selfie on Instagram


And although she’d stripped off her slap, there were no sign of freckles on Kylie’s face.

‘Gnight,’ Kylie simply captioned the shot.

Kylie was back to her usual self by rocking a full face of make-up the next day, sharing a shot of herself wearing lashings of mascara, smoky eyeshadow and nude lipstick.

‘face beat by @makeupbyariel,’ Kylie told fans.

> Kylie Jenner shows off her usual face of make-up


What a transformation!