This Makeup Remover Is Sold Every 10 Seconds

Forget what you think you know about removing your makeup, if you don’t know about this best selling cleanser then trust us, you are yet to discover how easy a seemingly stressful daily routine can become.

We are going to go ahead and assume that your makeup removing struggles go a little like this: you start off with some cotton wool and perhaps a micellar water (don’t get it twisted we heart micelllar water). You spend a good ten minutes vigorously scrubbing away at your skin. One sore face and half a bag of cotton wool later you look reasonably clean, but we all know this doesn’t really do the job when it comes to going deep.

Then there is the bother of that just-wont-budge eye makeup, which we all know the micellar water can’t hack on its own. So, in a desperate last attempt you reach for the face wipes (if you’re still using these to take off all the days slap then we haven’t done a very good job here) and it’s time for more pulling and rubbing.

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But, what if I told you that you didn’t have to put yourself though this mild torture each night if you just got your hands on some cleansing oils. We know, the thought of putting any form of oil onto your face sends shivers down your spine, but, contrary to what you think it is far from counterproductive to your complexion. The oil in question is DHC’s Cleansing Oil, £21.50, why is it so genius? Well, for starters the clever cleanser is enriched with skin saving antioxidants like olive and rosemary oil and vitamin E, to help unclog pores, hydrate, and get you glowing quick.

The real reason we love it so is that whatever makeup you have on your face, be it eye makeup, long-lasting, waterproof – anything, a few pumps of this and it will slide right off in a flash. To use, simply dispense into dry hands and massage onto dry skin (this is key). Finish your deep clean by rinsing off with water and voila, seriously clean and super soft! But don’t take my word for it, 1 is sold every 10 seconds worldwide – that’s a whole lot of oil!

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Gabrielle Dyer