Deliberate Roots: The No-Fuss Hair Trend We Love

Kylie Jenner has kick-started a hair trend that we’re so behind. Namely because it’s seriously low-fuss, and will save you tonnes of money at the hairdressers.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the 18-year-old has been majorly championing the deliberate roots trend in recent weeks. Similar to the dip-dye, this striking look is a more dramatic way of giving your colour contrast.

Whether she’s working dirty blonde locks or an icy mint hue, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star always makes sure to have her dark roots on show, giving off a slightly grungy and seriously cool vibe. 

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rita ora with dark roots Rita Ora is also a fan of letting her dark roots show through


And she’s not the only one. Sister Kim Kardashian worked a similar (but slightly softer) take on the look back in 2013 when she first went blonde, and Drew Barrymore has been a longtime fan of the more dramatic take on the ombre trend.

Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus have also worked deliberate roots into their short white blonde crops – an excuse not to get our colour touched-up every six weeks? We’re in.

Letting your roots show is no new phenomenon, but it’s certainly having a revival this autumn. Oh, the power of Kylie Jenner…

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kim karashian dip dye blonde hair Kim Kardashian opted for a more subtle take on the dark roots trend


Which is why we asked Charles Worthington’s Art Team Director, Marc Trinder, for his top tips about how to achieve this no-fuss look. Over to you, Mark!

‘This look is best when it’s more deliberate – rather than natural regrowth’, Trinder says. ‘When it’s deliberate the fade and line between the root and ends is much softer. Usually if roots are just left to grow out then the line is quite pronounced and a little harsh. It’s important to get a nice bleed between the two colours.’ 

miley cyrus short blonde hair If it gives us an excuse to skip our next roots touch-up…


So, how do we achieve it ourselves? Well, Mark advises you let your colourist handle this one.

‘You can experiment by using a root concealer at home to deepen down to see if you like the look – but don’t create it with a concealer – it will look clumpy and product heavy so make sure you get this style professionally done for a permanent look.’  

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drew barrymore ombre hair Drew Barrymore is who first made us fall in love with ombre hair…


He added: ‘You need at least three levels of colour contrast for this colour technique to pop. Any less and it won’t be as noticeable!’

Tempted? Give it a try and tweet us your results at @lookmagazine!