Date Hairstyles You Can Do This Summer

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Whether you’re planning on bringing a plus one to your friends wedding, or embarking on a hot holiday romance, this is your summer of love and here’s how to keep all eyes on you…

Wedding Date ‘Do


A chic updo = instant sophistication and serious class, and has the added bonus of letting you both dance the night away, without worrying about frizzes. Add accessories like cute hairpins or some flowers to match your ‘do to your dress.

1.     Start with a deep side parting and pull your hair into a low bun, positioned just behind one of your ears.

2.     Carefully create your bun and secure with a clear Invisiboble, £3.75.

3.     Finish the look with a hair accessory of your choice and set your style with Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray, £1.99

Hello Holiday Braid


Heat is hairs enemy, so play around with plaits – they’ll keep your hair off your face without looking too severe, Pretty and practical!

1.     Split your hair into a side parting and pin the front sections behind your ears.

2.     On one side, just behind the pin, pull your hair out across the top of your head.

3.     Starting on that side, create a French plait and continue it over the top of your head. Keep it close to your head and secure behind your ear on the other side with some pins.

Go Glam


‘50’s Hollywood Glamour’ is a go-to date look for a reason. Pair tumbling tresses with a classic red lip and you’ll knock him dead.

1. Prep hair with Tigi’s Body Building Catwalk Strong Mousse, £13.95. Part to one side.

2.     Blow-dry hair, then curl in sections using a large-barreled tong.

3.     Leave to sit for a few minutes, then upin. Brush through to soften the curls.


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