Have You Tried A Skincare Super-Booster Yet?

We’ve all got that one moisturiser we go back to time and time again, partly because we know it won’t trigger any nasty breakouts and partly because it’s familiar and it’s easy.

Trying new skincare products can be risky, firstly they are a pricey investment and half the time you don’t know if they really work. That’s where Cover FX’s new Custom Infusion Drops, £40 each, come in. Yes they are a bit of a splurge at £40 a pop, but they’re a game-changing product when it comes to skincare. Here’s why…

Your skin’s needs change day-by-day, some days your complexion is as dry as the sahara desert, and other days your hormones have gifted you with a super-slick oily t-zone. So instead of overhauling your entire skincare routine everyday, Cover FX have launched genius new drops that super-boost your existing skincare products, depending on your skin’s need.

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There are four different drops, A+Jasmine is designed to target anti-ageing, enriched with vitamin A to help reduce fine lines and jasmine to hydrate. E+Chamomile is perfect for calming sensitive skin thanks to the soothing vitamin E and chamomile ingredients. F+Neroli is designed to give a major shot of hydration so will work a treat for preventing scaly winter skin. Finally C+Lemongrass contains potent vitamin C to give skin a brightness kick, so you can kiss goodbye to dullness.

Simply pop a drop into any of your skincare products to instantly boost it with the added benefits, genius right?!

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops, £40 each