The Best Curling Tongs Of All Time Ever

Whether you're after curling tongs for long hair, curling tongs for thick hair or curling tongs for short hair, we've got you covered...

Sick of straight hair? Get to grips with the best curling tongs on the market to instantly transform your tresses. So whether you want curling tongs for short hair, curling tongs for thick hair or curling tongs for long hair, we’ve found a tool for you.

There’s a HUGE variety of hair looks you can achieve with tongs, from relaxed beachy waves and loose curls to big Hollywood curls. And we’ve whittled them down, to find the best one for you.

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The Best Curling Tongs For Every Hair Type

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It’s all down to the barrel size… Want tight defined curls? Use a small, skinny barrel tong. Want to go big? Go for a fat, wide barrel tong for big curls or loose waves.

You can even use a large barrel tong to give hair some volume at the roots. Lift the top section and curl to get a ‘c’ shape that will instantly boost fine or limp hair.

How to use curling tongs:

  • Take a section of hair and spread your hair evenly between the clamp and the barrel. The less hair you use, the tighter the wave.
  • Avoid kinked ends by securing hair underneath the clamp in the direction of your desired curl. Or for a cool-girl beachy wave, leave up to an inch of the hair out of the curling tong.
  • Wind up your hair as far as you want it to be curled and hold for around 10 seconds.
  • Remove the tong gently by releasing the clamp and unwinding your hair.
  • If you want more of a set curl, reform the curl with your finger and clip up.
  • Leave your curls or waves to cool and then separate with your fingers. Brush out the ends if you want to loosen the wave.

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