Crystal Creams: Does Your Moisturiser Soothe Your Mind?

Precious stones have long been associated with healing, so it’s no wonder their wellness properties are being channelled into our skin-loving lotions and potions…


The rose quartz and diamond powder in Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Brightening & Lifting Serum, from £44, reboots your skin’s natural exfoliation process, shifting any dead cells. It’s also loaded with a heavy dose of vitamin C, which helps to brighten and increase collagen production, giving your face an instant lift – without a needle in sight!

Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Brightening & Lifting Serum, from £44


Själ Mineral Källa Energy Tonic, £47, hydrates for up to 24 hours and boosts skin’s moisture by a whopping 300%. Formulated with rose quartz crystals, it energises cells to get your complexion glowing pronto. The super spray is also loaded with gold and silver, which protect against pollution. One spritz will revive your skin and fight off midday dryness.

Själ Mineral Källa Energy Tonic, £47

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Suti Nourish Organic Face Oil for Night, £39, deeply moisturises while still letting skin breathe. Like the entire Suti range, it’s been infused with clear quartz crystals to help stimulate skin’s energy and increase cell turnover, all of which equals a clearer, brighter and more even complexion. Think minimised acne scars and faded pigmentation.

Suti Nourish Organic Face Oil for Night, £39


Ditch your moisturiser in favour of Aeos Energising Conditioner, £54.99. The serum-cream hybrid is incredibly potent and has been amped up with seven crystals, including emerald, quartz and amethyst – all of which help to restore your skin’s natural balance, calm excess oil production and nourish your complexion to keep dehydration to a minimum.

Aeos Energising Conditioner, £54.99