Is Rubbing A Crystal Over Your Face The Secret To Glowing Skin?

Quite frankly, we’ll need a little convincing…

We love clutching a rose quartz crystal and praying for a date with Ryan Gosling as much as the next single gal… but to rub it across our face in the name of beauty just seems a bit too much to ask. I mean they’re meant to sit on your desk at work or be worn around your neck surely?

Well, apparently, it’s an actual skincare thing. You see, according to some facialists the new age wellness regime can help to rebalance and energise the skin. When rolling the crystal across your face its able to transmit its energy to the skin and ‘heal’ it.

You see crystals have a natural ability to power and support energy fields. This special skill is called ‘piezoelectricity’, and helps support human frequencies. No wonder so many brands have been quick to upgrade their formulas with a sprinkling of precious gem dust. Supercharged skin? Yes please!

As for the crystals that work best? Amethyst helps to rejuvenate, and reduce stress in the skin, e.g dial down inflammation, acne, and other skin imbalances. While Jade increase lymphatic flow in the face so helps to reduce puffiness, ease tension and drain toxins.

Looking after them is key, you can do this by washing them with soap and water to cleanse them. Best of all? The cheaper crystals work just as well as the pricier ones – just make sure you’re actually investing in crystal and not a plastic decoy – then you’re ready to rock and roll!