Cryotherapy: The Beauty Buzzword You Need To Know

It's the chilly treatment everyone's talking about but does Cryotherapy really work?

Cryotherapy isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Derived from the Greek words ‘cryo’, meaning 
cold, and ‘therapeia’, to cure, the treatment 
– which uses extreme low temperatures to boost outer beauty – has been around since Ancient Greece. But now Cryotherapy’s having 
a moment with new in-salon and at-home treatments giving us our dose of easy freezing fun. Tempted? We tried out two of the top treatments to see if they’re really worth the hype…

Cryotherapy In Salon

The Treatment: 111Cryo

Loved by the likes of Millie Mackintosh, Rosie Fortescue and Roxie Nafousi, you’ve probably seen this one on your insta-feeds already. Enter the ice-cold chamber housed at Harvey Nichols for three minutes while it’s plunged to – 90°C. Jump around and try your best to stay warm – warning: it ain’t easy!

The Results?
An instant glowing complexion with the promise of a speedier metabolism, muscular recovery and anti-inflammatory skin benefits for conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.
£95 for a course of three minutes

LOOK’s Beauty gals Chloe Burcham and Lydia Thompson pre-Cryotherapy treatment at Harvey Nichols.

Cryotherapy At Home

The Treatment: Jalue
Brew your herb-packed sachet in hot water for 20 minutes before pouring into the Jalue silicone cone and freezing. Once frozen, the ice 
block can be rolled over the skin every morning to refresh and awaken. It’s literally an iced tea for your face. 
Yes, please!

The Results?
Tighter pores and an instant glowing effect.