Here’s Why You Need The Crown Eyeshadow Palette In Your Life

Bow down to the palette that's about to rule over all other eyeshadows out there

Move over Kyshadow, there’s a new King Palette in town, and it’s the Crown eyeshadow palette. Currently going viral all over the internet our faves are ‘The Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette’ and ‘The Nude Eyeshadow’, which both consist of a variety of 35 colours. WOAH.

The ‘Rose Gold’ palette has a combination of light golds, browns and pinks in both matte and shimmery consistences. It’s perfffffect if you’re looking for an simplistic every day type look as there are many warm shades to choose from. You know what makes it all the better? For all us budgeting on what we spend (ESPECIALLY on make-up), it only costs £22.99! With 35 shades – bargainous.

‘The Nude’ palette consists of a mix of lighter and darker neutrals, including greys, matte browns, peachy tones, and purple and burgundy shades. From a day time look to a bold evening look, this palette covers anything and everything. And again, do you know what makes this one all the better? It only costs £19.99! Oh CrownBrush, where have you been hiding all this time?


Make-up artist Gary Cockerill posted an image of the Rose Gold palette and it sure looks dreamy. Cockerill also goes on to say “The textures and pigment and staying powder of the shadows are Amazing. You gotta try it”. Ahhh gimme!

Both palettes are available at so if you’re looking to be fleeked, grab it whilst you can! Why get a 9 shaded palette when you can have all you’ve ever wanted for under £25? Sorry Kylie but this unique collection of 35 colours (with the price its going at) is truly what we’ve ever needed.

By Rochelle Johnson