Could Croissant Hair Be The Craziest Style Of 2016?

It’s not often that hair trends are born out of French pastries, but that’s exactly what happened at the Chanel SS16 couture show this year.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and co had everyone talking as they walked the runway in the Grand Palais, not because of their spectacular gowns – but because, THAT hair.

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Thanks to hair stylist Sam McKnight, perched atop the models’ heads were artfully sculpted cresent-shaped buns, which have since been heralded ‘the croissant’.

Part Princess Leia, part pastry, the sleek and dramatic creations were all anyone could talk about… And now, we know just how long the style took to create. BRACE YOURSELVES.

> Instagram: @sammcknight1


‘The inspiration was a Picasso sculpture, which Karl [Lagerfeld] showed me, with shaped hair in the back,’ McKnight told Vogue.

My team spent three days making 80 large croissant shapes from wired foam covered in human hair’, he continued. ‘We then spent two days fitting the pieces on each of the 65 models.’ Crikey. That’s a whole lot of time spent on the croissant.

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> Kendall Jenner working her croissant on the Chanel catwalk…


We’re loving this chic new high-fashion upgrade on the bun. But we think you might need to get yourself a personal hairstylist before thinking about pulling off this one….

We’ve now had cinnamon rolls and croissants, what’s next? Pain au chocolat? Cheese straws? We can only imagine.

> How the Chanel croissant was created…