Here’s How To Get Multicoloured Hair Using Paper

Rainbow hair was never so easy to DIY

Incase you didn’t already know, rainbow hair is all the rage, but there are a few things which seem to always stop us in our tracks before reaching for the bright pink box dye, namely, the colour commitment.

But some genius beauty bloggers have figured out a way to dye their strands with crepe paper, and, get this, the results are just as good as normal dye, but they wont damage your hair or last longer than a week, making them perfect for festival, fancy dress, or just a cool colour change up.


Beauty Vlogger RealAsianBeauty posted a video showing how easy it is to get multi coloured hair at home using the clever paper technique and it turns out all you need is some coloured crepe paper, warm water, salt and hot water in a bowl.

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Cut the crepe paper up into strips and wet it in the warm salty water then wrap the ends of your hair in the tissue and tie with elastic bands for an ombre effect.

If you fancy dying more of your hair you can soak the paper in a large bowl and then dip your hair into the water.

Pretty genius, huh! The colour should last about a week depending on how often you wash your hair, girls with blonder locks should see more of a difference, beware if your hair is black it wont be quite as bright.

Since the video the crepe hair dye trend has been all over Instagram, with people showcasing the results. What do you think, would you give it a go?

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DIY Green Hair Color using CREPE PAPER. Yup. Crepe Paper 😉 Film or nah?? #DIY #CrepePaper

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