Crazy Eyebrow Trends Are Currently Trending On Instagram

Trend or umm, tragic?

We’re used to seeing crazy beauty trends circling social media, from tattooed freckles to holographic coloured hair, nothing shocks us anymore – and this time it is all about the crazy eyebrow trends. Yup.

For years we’ve obsessed over having the most perfectly faded, arched brows, without a hair out of place. But now it seems make-up artists are scrapping that idea of perfection and becoming a little more experimental.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have seen the feathered brow trend that caused quite a stir last week. MUA Stella Sironen posted a picture on her Instagram account of her eyebrows separated through the middle as a joke, which then caused a chain reaction and the creation of #featherbrows.

▪️◽️▪️◽️▪️◽️▪️◽️▪️◽️▪️◽️▪️Кто нибудь хочет повторить?🤦🏻‍♀️ Последним трендом стали «брови-перья». Основоположницей этой моды является финский визажист Стелла Сиронен (Stella Sironen). Снимок бровей необычной формы девушка выложила в «Инстаграм», добавив к нему шуточный комментарий, что это новый тренд. Однако другим пользовательницам идея понравилась, и они восприняли ее всерьез, а потому новое веяние уже получило широкое распространение. #featheredbrows #brows #browartist #vrn #брови #бровист #бровинашевсе #архитектурабровей #коррекциябровей #архитектурабровейворонеж #коррекциябровейворонеж

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But that’s old news now. Eyebrow trends are currently trending on the ‘gram with the newbie: Barbed-wire brows.

Artists are now using brow gel to separate their brows in zig-zag shapes, almost like barbed wire. While it looks pretty cool in a shoot, we’re not sure if this one is going to stick around IRL.

#TeenVybeBeauty :: First … #FeatherBrows , now … #BarbedWireBrows ?? Thoughts? 🤔💭

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Barbed wire brow

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Kinds of reminds us of the days before we cared about our brows and would wake up with them all ruffled and outta place. Anyone else?

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By Paige Mooney