This Sellout Highlighter Is Liquid Gold In A Bottle

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the perfect highlighter. Whenever a new shimmering shade reaches my desk I get butterflies in my stomach – maybe this could the THE one. The problem is, they always fall short, one way or another. Don’t get me wrong there are some damn good highlighters out there, but I seem to flit in-between a few, never settling for one.

The problem is, they never seem to leave me with me that killer glow that all the beauty bloggers have mastered. You know how everyone on Instagram seems to have that otherworldy glow that you just cant recreate no matter how many highlighters you layer? Yup, it sucks.

But, there’s a new formula that’s just about to hit the shelves and let me tell you, it blows every other highlighter I’ve ever tried out the water. Custom FX’s Custom Enhancer Illuminator Drops, £34, are about to change your life. This stuff is basically liquid gold. I’m obsessed to the point where I can’t see how I’ll ever be able to go back to using anything else.

Swatch without flash

Swatch with flash

What makes this so much better than any other liquid highlighter I’ve tried is the intensity of the pigment. They contain a high concentration of crushed ultra-fine pearl particles, so closely packed together they coat your skin in the most insane, shimmery, lit from within glow, without leaving any sparkle. Because the formula is liquid it’s perfect for creating that dewy finish and it catches the light like nothing I’ve ever seen before – we’re talking your skin but with a golden, megawatt lightbulb underneath, if that was a thing. They’re so concentrated that one tiny drop is all you need and it will last all day.

Custom FX’s Custom Enhancer Illuminator Drops in Sunlight I’m wearing the ‘Sunlight’ shade

They come in 4 shades, Candlelight, Celestial Moonlight and Sunlight. Go for Celestial if you’re really fair, it’s pearly light pink, and try Candlelight if you’re darker. For selfie ready skin in seconds apply it using a slightly damp beauty blender, don’t use too much because a little really goes a long way. Press it onto the tops of your cheekbones, and then use your fingers to highlight down the bridge of your nose, along your brow bone, cupids bow and anywhere you want to increase the strength of your shine.

From left to right: Celestial, Moonlight, Sunlight, Candlelight

Expect endless compliments, and a strobe that rivals the entire Kardashian clan put together, even my friends who are beauty basics have commented on my new-found glow. And while they only hit our shores last week, (they’re currently stocked here on Space NK) they have already sold out (surprise, surprise). We’ll be checking night and day, obvs.