Could this be why more people are having facial fillers?

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Non-invasive aesthetic treatments could be the star style secret you’ve been looking for…

We’re the first to admit that celebrities influence our beauty looks and, thanks to social media, we’re able to copy everything from what they wear to their hair and make-up.

That said, it’ll come as no surprise to learn that cosmetic surgeons are dealing with a number of celebrity-inspired requests.

Clearly, plump pouts were a huge 2017 beauty trend, so having fillers may have crossed your mind. If you have, you’re definitely not alone. It turns out that 38% of us would consider having facial fillers to enhance our looks and boost our confidence.

If you’re curious to see whether fillers could help you, why not ask the experts to find out what’s really involved?

Made from hyaluronic acid gel, fillers are injected beneath the skin to help replace lost volume and fill lines. They can also be used to shape and contour your face, and the patented technology of Juvéderm fillers means that they blend with the tissues beneath your skin to achieve natural-looking results.

But how can you achieve your ideal look? For this, you’d need to have a discussion with a qualified medical aesthetic practitioner.

‘Beauty is about proportion,’ says Dr Jonquille Chantrey, ‘which is why it is critical to discuss with your practitioner not just what you want, but to listen to their views on what will suit you. How much volume you want in your lips depends on the size of your nose and your chin.’

In other words, you can’t get exactly the same look as a celeb unless you have the same underlying anatomy, measurements and bone structure as them. But you can look like the most beautiful version of yourself. All you need to do is book an initial consultation to be one step closer to your ideal look.

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