One Thing You *Shouldn’t* Do With Your Cotton Buds

No one’s a stranger to the cotton bud, right? 

Those little critters come in handy for all manner of different beauty problems.

Clearing the gunk out of the corners of your eyes? Check. 

Fixing an eyeliner flick that’s just that little bit too thick? Check. 

Removing the nail varnish you’ve over-painted on your left hand? Check. 



But there’s one thing you really shouldn’t be doing with your cotton bud, and that’s sticking them too far into your ears. 

NYU medical school clinical associate professor William H. Shapiro wants us to know that putting a Q-Tip anywhere inside of your ear is actually really dangerous.

In a short video, which includes a diagram and everything, our new friend Will describes that if you end up poking the wax even further into the ear (which is pretty much what ends up happening while you’re attempting to scoop it out) you’re risking damage to your hearing.

Also, wax has all kinds of benefits for our ears. It can prevent fungus from growing (we know, ew) and it can also stop bugs and dirt from entering your ears (WE KNOW, DOUBLE EW). But, they need the protection. And wax isn’t dirty. 

Keep those buds away from those ears, ladies. But they’ll still do their amazing job for all of those other odd jobs.