Should You Be Storing Your Make-Up In A Fridge?

Would YOU store your beauty products in a fridge?

It may sound a little odd, but a recent survey found that a massive three million of us Brits are doing it. Not only that, but the average fridge also contains as many bottles of nail varnish as beer.




Now it’s been reported that the uber-rich are getting cosmetics fridges installed in their homes. And at a new development in Fitzrovia, London, penthouse suites have small ones built in.

But for those of us who don’t have £4.475 million to splash out one of these properties (plus added fridge), is it really worth storing our make-up bags next to our milk and tomatoes?

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Well. According to cosmetic dermatologist and spokesperson for Simple Skincare Dr Philippa Lowe, it actually could be.



‘Natural or fresh organic products may well benefit from refrigeration,’ Dr Lowe tells the Daily Mail.

‘These don’t have high levels of preservatives, so they probably won’t be negatively affected by the cold.

‘Eye gels not only feel more refreshing, but the cold causes vaso-constriction, shrinking the blood vessels and, therefore, helping with redness and puffiness.’

Luckily for us, you can buy cosmetic fridges for around £100. But should we put EVERYTHING in there?



Dr Lowe continues: ‘Most of the commercially available face creams contain preservatives and have been stringently tested to be stored and used at room temperature.

‘Certain ingredients, such as oils, may become thicker in the fridge, which you then have to return to room temperature.

‘Exposing a cream to such extremes of temperature may affect the active ingredients. If vitamin C and retinol become cold, they may not be as effective. Keep them out of the cold.’



And Lynne Sanders – founder of Cosmetics a la Carte – is pretty against the idea altogether. She adds: ‘The whole concept is ludicrous.

‘Foundations and mascaras are designed to operate at room temperature while a cold lipstick is hard to apply.’

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Perfumes are reportedly best kept ‘a few degrees below room temperature in a dark cupboard’ – but the most surprising revelation of all is about our nail polishes.



Despite us being so keen to swap our boyfriend’s beers for the little pots, nail technician Emma Myers says: ‘I would never store nail polish in the fridge.

‘It may cause it to separate, making application more difficult.’

And who wants that?