Contouring Grandma Has Totally Blown Our Minds

So it turns out that all of us, both young and old, are hooked on the magic that is contouring.

And Instagram make-up artist teaflego has taken it one step further – by sharing tutorials on her page of her 80-year-old granny, Livia.

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GLAM-MA, as she is now affectionately known online, is not only proving to be a hit on social media but also in her nursing home too.

Teaflego revealed that her grandmother’s love of make-up has now inspired her friends, too: ‘My GLAM-MA has made new trend in nursing home!!! A bunch of 80 year olds want to Contour and Glow.’ LOL.



And we don’t blame them. Because, how great does she look?!

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GLAM-MA has sent a message out to her many fans via her granddaughters account: ‘In (her) 80’s she has become a star. She is grateful, she loves you and she has a message for you. “THERE ARE NO UGLY WOMEN, ONLY LAZY ONES!”’

Well, she’s clearly a feisty one…

GLAM-MA is not the only nursing home resident proving to be a hit, either – teaflego also posted a video of GLAM-MA’s friend Maria getting in on the contouring action.

Ah-mazing. We hope we are just as fabulous as these ladies at 80.

By Megan Wiseman