How To Contour For Your Face Shape | Tutorial

Here’s how to contour for your face shape the easy way… Simply select your face shape, pick your contour makeup and happy contouring!

Contouring is no new thing – it’s been around forever, and it seems like everyone is doing it. But, contouring is different for everyone – and when you’re trying to figure out how to contour for your face shape, things can get tricky.

So, the LOOK Beauty Team have created an interactive beauty tutorial, to show you exactly how it’s done. Whether your face shape is round, square, heart-shaped or long – we’ve got the tutorial for you.

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How to contour for your face shape

All you need to do, is watch the video above… which is interactive, btw (*we so fancy*) and follow along. Gabrielle’s showing all you gals with a longer face shape how it’s done. Chloe’s tackling a square jaw-line. Lydia’s all about the heart-shaped face and Laura’s helping out you rounder faced girls.

Basically, we’ve tried to cover all bases – but obviously, everyone’s face is different – so maybe give ’em all a watch and see.

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We’ve also used a variety of products, finishes and techniques. So if you’re wanting an easy one-product-does-all tutorial, Chloe’s your gal. If you want each step, thoroughly explained, with a variety of makeup bits – then watch Gabrielle. Essentially, what we’re trying to get at is, there should be a video for all. Everyone does their makeup slightly different, and so we’re trying to cover all bases. (and faces, heh)

So watch the video above, follow the tutorial that suits YOU and see how you get on. As always, we want to hear what you’ve got to say – so make sure you tweet us @lookmagazine with your thoughts. Also, if you do happen to try out the tutorials at home, hashtag #BeautyAdvisor on instagram so we can check them out. We’re nosey, and we’d like to see them please!

Thanks pals…