Confidence-Boosting Fashion Rules To Follow

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Perfect Your Do’

A great outfit is always important but great hair is a must. No matter what you’re wearing make sure you start at the top and get your locks looking and feeling amazingly soft and shiny everyday. If your hair has started to look dull and your colour is uninspiring reach for Casting Crème Gloss, it’s a semi-permanent colour that brings life back to lackluster hair, leaving you with glossy, healthy-looking hair.

Statement Accessory

Instantly boost your outfit with a cool accessory, it can be an edgy pair of shoes or a stylish bag. Even a hair accessory has the potential to transform your outfit, whatever it is don’t be afraid to rock something that will catch people’s eye.

Comfort Over Cool

Don’t sacrifice your comfort for extra style points, that super short skirt you saw in the shop may well look amazing on the hanger, but go for one that makes you feel like you. You’ll look great if you feel great, promise!

Don’t Be Scared Of Sparkle

Everyone is guilty of self-gifting, so why not treat yourself to a gorgeous piece of jewellery. A show stopping necklace or some cute gold stacked rings will up the glamour and you’ll land some serious style points.

Have Fun With Colour

The saying goes: ‘I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour’, but do be brave enough to try and bring something bright into your wardrobe. You don’t have to channel the rainbow, but you can boost your look with a pop of colour like an orange top or some pattered shoes.

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