Condoms On Beautyblenders: Can People Please Stop?

LOOK's Deputy Beauty Editor Chloe has her say on the 'condoms on beautyblenders' trend...

ICYMI: putting condoms on beautyblenders is a new trend sweeping the blogosphere, and I just can’t

It seems like every day there’s a new crazy ‘trend’ sweeping the internet when it comes to beauty. Whether it’s contouring with a knife, or using a cola bottle cap to nail your cut crease – bloggers are taking every step possible to invent new beauty hacks. With each one more shocking than the last.

And suuuuuure, some of them I can TOTALLY get on board with. And hey, some of them (while serving no real purpose) are fun to watch. But now that people are putting condoms on beautyblenders in the hope for a perfect face base – no, nah, nu-uh – I can’t get on board with this one, babes.

APPLYING MAKEUP WITH A CONDOM?! The video is now on my youtube channel. 😂🙈Link in my bio. _ After posting this video i found out that @lvixxen did the applying makeup with a condom first. Credit to her _ I came up with this idea because of that i love using a sponge. But it absorbs so much product. With using the condom around it HAHA it doesnt absorb any product and it applies super smooth! ________ @anastasiabeverlyhills brow pro palette (used Ebony) & modern renaissance @labelle_uk @amadea_dashurie matte liquid lipsticks Vamp Addict & Pink Latte & Nude Souffle (used on lips and eyes) @yourlashesofficial lashes Nasira @girlactik matte bronzer cabo @gorgeouscosmeticsofficial conceal it light natural @motivescosmetics shimmer powder Bombshell @zwitsalofficial baby powder @contourcosmetics all day spray @lorealmakeup infallible 24h foundation ___ Brushes @anastasiabeverlyhills 7B, A25, A3, A28, A23 @sigmabeauty F25, F66 @motivescosmetics powder @realtechniques sponge ____ @wakeupandmakeup @hudabeauty @eyelive4beauty @shimycatsmua @maryhadalittleglam @allmodernmakeup @slaysolutely @makeupforbarbies @thebeautybombb @nikkietutorials

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It all started when the internet saw a load of buzz around silicone make-up sponges. Apparently offering a flawless finish, without sucking up loads of your foundation into your sponge, these came as a HALLELUJAH product. But in an attempt to recreate the silicone sponge at a lesser price – yup, that’s where the condoms have come out.

Have I tried it? No. So who am I to say that you shouldn’t do it. And hey, if it works for you – then you go, Glen Coco. But after watching a LOT of tutorials surrounding said ‘trend’ – I just can’t see that it actually serves any real purpose?!


There are SO many great make-up brushes out there (plus, beautyblenders on their own are also pretty great FYI) I just can’t see the POINT in whacking on a condom. Plus, is anyone IRL actually doing this? Or is it just another viral video that everyone will forget in a months time…

Like I said before, you do you honey. But personally, for me? Yeah, condoms are great. But they don’t deserve a place in my make-up bag…