WATCH: 11 Concealer Hacks You Need To Know

It's time to get clever with your concealer! Follow these genius hacks for flawless skin, asap.

1. The magic V

There’s a not-so-secret concealer technique that all make-up artists swear by and that is ‘the magic V’ . Instead of just swiping your concealer under your eyes, apply it in a V shape, taking it from the outer corner of your eyes, down to the apple of your cheek, then back up to the inner corner of your eyes. this will light up your whole face, rather than just covering the bags.

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2. Mix concealer with eye cream

If your concealer is getting a little dry or cakey, simply mix in a blob of eye cream on the back of your hand. The moisturising formula of the eye cream will make it much easier to blend so it glides on smoothly.

3. Get colour clever

Get smart when it comes to your concealer colour palette, know which colours counteract each other for complexion perfection. See our guide to ‘decoding your concealer palette‘ for all the deats…

4. Apply after your foundation

Start with your foundation, then apply concealer over the top, this way you can see where you need a little extra coverage and where you don’t, to avoid any wastage.

5. Go a shade lighter

When it comes to concealing your under eyes make sure you pick a shade lighter than your skin tone to help lift and brighten those dark pesky shadows.

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6. The smart way to conceal a spot

Legendary Make-Up Artist, Lisa Eldridge, concocted a genius way to cover spots without any cakiness. Pin-point concealing, involves using a super-fine (pin-point) make-up brush, dabbing it in your concealer (only cream concealers, not liquids) and simply dapping a dot just on the spot, not around the area or over your whole cheek, just directly on the spot. Then simply tap it with your finger to soften the formula, et voila – bye-bye blemish!

7. Slim your nose in a sweep

Paint a stripe of your concealer (preferably one shade lighter than your skin tone) down your nose, before blending out to create the illusion of a slimmer nose in seconds.

8. Brighten up

If your concealer is matte but you want to brighten up your skin, simply mix in a little highlighter before applying to give it a radiance boost.

Use as an eyeshadow primer 

If you’re all out of eyeshadow primer blend a touch of concealer over your lids instead, it’ll work just as well, neutralising any discolouration so your shadows stay true to colour.

10. Customise your lip colour

Create your own lip shade by blending a touch of concealer with one of your lipsticks to create a paler hue. Saves you buying a whole new lipstick!

11. Tailor
 your foundation

If you’re having a bad skin day (hey, we’ve all been there), mix in a blob of your liquid concealer with your foundation or tinted moisturiser, for an extra dose of coverage.