Colour-Changing Hair Dye Exists And It’s Incredible

Prepare to be amazed

Everyone remembers mood rings, right? The colour changing jewels that use your pH to change colour? Then came the colour-changing lipsticks – that look green, or yellow but transform to peachy pink on your lips. Well now there’s colour-changing hair dye. And oh holy guacamole it’s INSANE.

It’s all thanks to Pravana’s Vivid’s Mood Color – which is available in US salons beginning September 1st, 2017. The technology behind it remains a secret, but it basically makes your hair completely change colour with temperature. Whether that’s with straighteners, sunlight or just heat from your touch – it’s honestly some kind of wizardry.

Whether it’s bright green that transforms to yellow under heat or fuchsia that turns transparent, we urge you to watch the following Boldly video and not be completely baffled.

SO GOOD. We can only hope and pray that this comes over to the UK.