Coleen Rooney Finds A Cute Way Of Celebrating Her Bump

Coleen Rooney gave birth to her third child, Kit Joseph, last month. And a few weeks on, she’s decided to do something super sweet to remember her pregnancy. 

In a new post on Twitter, the 29-year-old revealed that she’s had a plaster cast made of her baby bump, featuring Kit’s name, date of birth and weight written on the front of it.

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‘Love my bump cast and photos. Thanks @Photojos’, she captioned the image. 

Naw. And her fans clearly thought it was as cute an idea as we did, with tonnes of mums jumping in to comment what a nice idea it was.

‘What a great idea!!!’, one user gushed.


‘Aaaaw such magical memories to remember xx’, another commented.

We think it’s a seriously swete sentiment, and one we may be stealing!

Coleen recently came under fire for her choice of baby name (which is ridiculous in itself), leading fellow celebrity mummy to speak out in Coleen’s defence.

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Talking about the Rooneys’ choice of ‘Kit’ for their baby boy, The Saturdays singer said: ‘I really like it because it’s cute and different, but I can understand what she must feel like because I had a few comments when I named Carter.’ 

‘People didn’t like that his name was quite similar to Parker, but I really didn’t care. I’m not sure why people are so bothered’, she told OK!.

At least Coleen doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. She’s got too many other pressing mum tasks to think about – like where to hang that gorgeous cast!