Kylie Jenner Sparks The Cult ‘Coffin Nails’ Trend

Coffin nails. If you haven’t heard of them yet, get ready to see them ALL over your Instagram feed this year.

Of course, it’s all Kylie Jenner‘s fault. The 18-year-old has always been known for her statement acrylics, and she’s been championing coffin nails since the start of 2015.

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So, what are they? Well, the clue’s kind of in the name. The style is similar to a stiletto design (but more square), and a basic french manicure, with tonnes of spooky Halloween-esque glamour added in to the mix.



Usually seen in a moody dark greys, nudes or blacks, the coffin nail also looks gorgeous in plum hues, dark red and purple. Top off in a matte top coat for a super modern take on the trend.

And in case you needed any more convincing, Pinterest has just hailed this trend as the biggest one to watch for 2016. Quite the accolade in the nail art world…

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Unless you’ve been blessed with talons as long as Kylie’s falsies, we’d recommend opting for acrylics or hard gels for this one.

Then simply laquer up and get Insta-snapping…