Coconut Oil Is The Answer To Nailing Your Highlight

Where do we go when we want to watch AH-mazing but also kinda quirky beauty tutorials? Huda Beauty, duh. The blogger is known for showcasing her beauty skillz and her latest quick-fix tutorial has got us a bit like, um, how did we not think of this before!?

In the insta clip (watch it here) she given us yet another (like we needed any more) reason to love the coconut oil! She applies Becca’s Jaclyn Hill Highlight Palette first, before picking up a jar of coconut oil which she then applies on top, using her fingers to press it into her cheekbones. She finishes the look off with another highlighter (cause two highlighters are better than one, obviously), the Diamond Glow Powder from Artist Couture.

> First she uses the Becca palette

> Blend, blend, blend

> She uses a small amount of coconut oil and warms it up on the back of her hand

> Press and pat the oil into your skin, don’t rub it


So what’s all this coconut oil about? Well, she captioned the snap: ‘I know this is a bit weird, but I love using a thicker oil to set in between my highlight! Coconut oil is my favourite.” Is there anything coconut oil can’t do!?

> She takes her next highlighter…

> And buffs it on top of the oil

We’re feeling a little bit out of the loop over here, because so far we’ve been getting along just fine (or so we thought) without using anything to set our highlighter. Clearly this is why our strobing has yet to reach beauty blogging standards. *Sighs*. And even though you might be sitting there thinking this is all a bit excessive, the proof is in the pudding; you can definitely see the difference before and after. So. Very. Shiny.

> The finished results look pretty good to us!

Brb, we’re just running out to grab yet another pot.