Cockroach Milk Is The New Beauty Trend We’re *Not* Excited About

When it comes to new prettifying health trends, we're usually totally on board. But the latest offering of Cockroach Milk just *isn't* something we want to get on board with...

We’ll admit that we’re the first to try any new *health* trend that promises to give prettifying benefits. Avocados for good skin? We’re in. Green Tea for cellulite-free limbs? Yes please. But Cockroach Milk? No, no, no. We just can’t handle that one.

But yes, apparently Cockroach Milk the new thaaang for beauty. Forget your tumeric face masks, because new research suggests you should be glugging down glasses of the gross stuff if you want to reap the beauty benefits. Grim, we know.


So what’s the deal with Cockroach Milk?

Found inside of the Pacific Beetle cockroach, the nutrient-rich milk crystals are said to boast four times as much protein as cow’s milk and also contain tonnes of amino acids, healthy lipids and energy-fuelling sugars.

What are the beauty benefits though?

Obvs the most important point – Cockroach Milk is said to help hair and nails grow super strong because of the high amounts of fats and protein. Plus, cockroaches can survive nuclear bombs sooo.. we’re guessing there might be something in those sturdy little shells that we’d quite like for ourselves.

Word of warning though: the amount of sugar in Cockroach Milk may not be the best for skin health. Plus, it just sounds *vile*

We think we’ll leave the cockroaches where they belong thanks… in bushtucker trials

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