Co-Washing: The Right Products For Your Hair Type

Some of you curly girls may already know all there is to know about co-washing, but for those of you who don’t I shall give you a quick introduction.

So, what is co-washing?

it’s actually short for conditioner-washing and simply means swapping your shampoo with a sud free cleansing conditioner.


Why ditch the suds?

Traditional shampoos contain harsh detergents, sulfates and chemicals, which strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it looking dull and feeling brittle. If your hair is naturally curly, very thick and frizzy or quite coarse and dry, like me, you might find that your strands are smoother, more manageable and less poofy on the second day. This is because, by then some of the oils have had a chance to rebuild in the hair. These natural oils help to hydrate the hair and curb frizz, so by using a milder cleanser which cleans gently without removing all the oils, you’re left with softer, shinier and super nourished tresses.


Should I do it?

Unless you have Afro hair or very dry curly hair, you should think about co-washing as a supplement, not a replacement. Use it once a week or every other week, then use a clarifying or sulfate free shampoo, like Redken’s Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo, £13.25. If your hair is straight and very fine, losing the lather may not be that beneficial for you. Straight hair tends to get greasier much quicker than curly hair and shows it a lot more too. Avoid it if you have oily hair, or there’s a small chance you’ll end up looking like the girl from the grudge (never good). If your hair is coloured it will work wonders for you. In the same way that it strips the oils, normal shampoos will strip the dye from your hair. By using a cleansing conditioner, your colour will be brighter, more vibrant and will last longer.


How should I co-wash?

You’ll find that it’s a very different washing experience than shampooing. For starters, no matter how much you try and get that glorious, soapy lather, you wont. Instead use more than you would your normal shampoo, and we mean a lot more, like 8 pumps. Cover your entire head and let it sit for a few minutes before you wash it out.


Best Cleansing Conditioner For Straight Hair

The cleansing conditioner that started the beauty buzz, even those with very fine, limp hair will be a co-washer convert after using this. The lightweight formula contains sweet almond oil and organic aloe vera and wont weigh  your hair down one bit.

Best Cleansing Conditioner For Curly Hair

Richard Ward Couture Hair Pure All-In-One Botanical Cleanse and Condition is a dream cleansing conditioner. Created around the premise of second day hair being easier to manage and generally looking a whole lot nicer, this works just as amazingly on normal hair as it does on curly locks. Stock up now, so you don’t miss out! 

Best Cleansing Conditioner For Afro Hair


A host of do-good-ingredients – virgin olive oil, keratin protein and vitamin E – loose the shampoo all together and use this intensely moisturising formula to restore life into overworked and damaged Afro hair. Use between 12 to 20 pumps or as many as 40, depending on how thick your hair is.

Best Cleansing Conditioner For Coloured Hair


If you have coloured hair this life saver will extend the time between salon visits and ensure your locks don’t fade. What’s the point in spending money dyeing your hair, when you’re stripping it out with every wash! Leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing out.

Gabrielle Dyer

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