The Busy Girl’s Guide To Foundation On The Go

Running late for work? 10 minutes to get ready? Sound familiar?!

If, like us, you are forever doing your make-up on the move, from a jam-packed train, to a super-speedy taxi, we’re here to help.

With non-stop schedules, we’ve mastered the art of commuter beauty, here are the four golden rules of creating flawless skin on the go…

Swipe And Go

Finding the right foundation formula is key. Liquids are a no-no when it comes to applying on the move, spillages can spell disaster, so play it safe with Clinique’s Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick, £23. The chubby stick is totally handbag-friendly (yay!) Plus the creamy, moisturising formula is seriously easy to apply, just draw it on in strokes and blend it out with your fingers – no brushes necessary!  

Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick, £23


Who Needs Concealer?!

Forget concealer, save vital room in your clutch bag by using the chubby stick to hide any blemishes or dark circles. Deposit some foundation on the back of your hand by drawing in a circular motion, then use your ring finger to warm the formula and pat it on the areas you need. The warmth from your fingertips will ensure the creamy coverage melts flawlessly into your skin perfectly.

Lighting Check

Remember, the low lighting of your train carriage can be seriously deceiving, making it easy to over or under load your skin with product. Always check your complexion in the natural lighting once you’ve arrived to ensure you are beautifully blended.


Top-Up Trick

Steer clear of powder foundations when it comes to midday touch-ups. The Clinique Chubby In The Nude Foundation Stick is much easier to blend and unlike powder-formulas, which can end up caking with your existing make-up, the creamy formula will blend into the skin easily.