A Bottle Of This £11 Cleansing Oil Sells Every 10 Seconds

Here's why you're gonna love it...

Cleansing oil has risen in popularity over the last few years. And there’s a good reason why… Because whether you’ve got dry, dehydrated or even acne prone and oily skin – a good cleansing oil is a skincare saviour.

And now, it’s been revealed that DHC’s cult Deep Cleansing Oil sells a bottle globally, every. ten. seconds.


Here’s Why People Love DHC’s Cult Cleanser

To be honest, we’re not that surprised. Because pretty much everyone we’ve ever spoken to who’s tried DHC Deep Cleansing Oil LOVES it.

If you’re not familiar with it: here’s all you need to know.

DHC is the #1 direct skincare brand from Japan, and the skincare products (including the cleansing oil) are derived from olive oil. It’s a perfect make-up remover as it completely dissolves all traces of makeup – even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. BUT, because of the antioxidant rich olive oil, it still manages to deeply nourish your skin meaning there’s no dry or tight feeling afterwards.

LOOK’s Deputy Beauty Editor Chloe swears by DHC as a first cleanse. ‘It’s gentle enough to get rid of every last scrap of make-up, without stripping the skin.’ She then goes in with a second cleanse, to really target the skin, before layering actives.

The best news? You can get a bottle for just £11 at Feel Unique. Hollaaaaaa.

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