Cinnamon Swirl Hair Is The New Craze *Everyone* Is Asking For

The hair world loves a bakery reference. Just last week at the Chanel couture show Kendall, Gigi and Bella all rocked sculpted crescent-shaped buns, which have since been dubbed ‘the croissant’.

And now we bring you another pastry related hair trend. Yep, were talking about ‘Cinnamon Swirl Hair’.

New York based hairstylist Ryan Pearl is the man behind the trend and the first to coin this new term. Well versed in the language of baked goods, Pearl was responsible for last year’s ‘Chocolate Chip Hair’ (no, we don’t remember this either…).

So what is ‘Cinnamon Swirl Hair’? Well, it is a subtle mix of both dark and light blonde tones.

Ryan Pearl’s hair model showcasing her Cinnamon Swirl ‘do #hairenvy


Quite literally the same colour palette as one of our all-time favourite pastries….

Cinnamon hair trend YUM

Explaining his idea to Cosmopolitan Ryan Pearl said: “The way I like to explain hair color to my clients in a way that’s relatable is through food… It paints a better picture than ‘warm tones, cool tones,’ that some people don’t understand.”

Let’s be honest though this hair ‘do isn’t a completely new concept. In fact the colour Pearl is talking about is rather similar to last’s year famous ‘bronde’ trend. However with ‘Cinnamon Swirl Hair’ making the rounds on the Internet, and some of our fave stars sporting this hue we predict it will be sticking around. 

Lily James Both Suki Waterhouse and Lily James is currently embracing this hot hue

To get the look Pearl advises asking your hairdresser to use a mix of foils and some more freehand hair painting work to ensure the most natural looking result. “Everyone’s doing a lot of hair painting right now, but I like to do hair painting and put it into a foil. That gives the hair some brighter pieces and more pop. It doesn’t make everything look so blended, so it gives it a more dimensional look rather than a really blended look. That’s what makes this look different,” he explained.

Will you be embracing a patisserie inspired hair ‘do this spring?

I don’t know about you but this pastry chat is making us hungry. Trip to the bakers, anyone? 

By Elizabeth Bennett