Cinderella Lips Are On The Rise, But What Are They?

Cinderella lips are on the rise – but what are they, and is the procedure safe?

Over the past year, celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Charlotte Crosby and Lauren Goodger have put big lips firmly on the map.

Because whilst naturally plump pouts like Angelina Jolie’s have been coveted since forever, ladies like Kylie and Charlotte have now made it seem much more possible for those not naturally blessed with a full pout to achieve plumper, more kissable lips.

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kylie jenner pink lipstick Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers to plump up her pout


However, for most, the thought of going under the knife or committing to lip fillers is really scary. Which is where Cinderella Lips come in.

A new temporary procedure brought over from the US, it’s being likened to a lip contouring treatment.

Because instead of hyaluronic acid being injected into the lips (as is with traditional lip fillers), the Cinderella procedure involves using saline instead to plump up and volumise the lips.

charlotte crosby selfie lips Charlotte Crosby is also famed for her larger than life pout


And here’s the thing – it only lasts 6-8 hours.

The Cindrella Lip is on the rise thanks to girls who fancy the fuller lip look but for a short time only – say, for a night out, or for a special occasion.

The technique is also heralded as being safer, too, since the body is already made up of saline, so side effects are said to be less risky.

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lauren goodger lip selfie The Cinderella Lips procedure is said to last around 6-8 hours


Hmm. We’re still all about celebrating natural beauty, so we’re not sure we’ll be trying this one any time soon. It’s definitely lip liners and clever lip plumping glosses for us!

But if you are desperate to try it, please research thoroughly first and speak to medical professionals to make sure you’re safe.

Let us know what you think of the new trend below…