Meet The Mermaid Makeup Brushes Of Your Dreams

Our hearts cannot deal with the cuteness.

OK, so we can appreciate that things are starting to get a little overboard with the themed makeup brushes. It seems like a new set of weird and wonderful brushes crop up every week.

First it was unicorns, then Harry Potter wand inspired brushes flooded the internet. It’s getting a bit weird, right?

Well, we’ve got a new brush collection to show you (obvs) but this time we think you are going to be really, really excited.

Holy moly our chubby mermaid multipurpose brush is finally HERE 😻😻😻

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Remember the unicorn brushes? Turns out the makers of those dreamy holographic things have stepped it up a notch and have gone and made THE cutest beauty tools we have ever seen.

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Meet the Chubby Mermaid Multi Purpose vegan brush; basically what we’ve been missing from our life.

Like, come on. We just want to squeeze their chubby fins. The Auzzie brand confirmed that it’s not just us who are obsessing over the brushes. ‘So our Chubby mermaid carve and contour brush is selling much faster than anticipated. Stills some available. 3 colours. Rose Gold is by far crowd favourite.’

In another snap they showed the brushes laid out next to some Apple products which is where the inspo for the colours came from. To be honest we don’t think we could choose a favourite, we would have to get one of each. Ok, maybe more than just one.

And because they are multi purpose you literally can get away with buying a handful, one for your foundation, one for your blusher and one for your highlighter. The list goes on.

For once we feel like this story has a happy ending because yes you CAN order them online from and get them shipped to the UK *dances around in circles*.

Go get em before they’re gone, folks.