Super Cute Christmas Cat-Eye Flicks With Elves And Bows

The only way to deck your peepers this festive season...

Ding dong merrily on high! And all that jazz. We’re fully in the festive vibe which means that everything, from our shoes to our hair, is channelling Christmas. Beauty blogger Meghan Rusk has gone one step further and given us the ultimate party beauty inspiration. Christmas cat-eye flicks!

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Meghan is a big fan of a foxy eye flick. Long, black and oh-so-sexy, Meg’s eyes showcase the perfect way to do a cheeky cat eye. Which is why they’re so perfect for festive fun!

Rather than stick with the usual standard noir flicks, Meghan has jazzed hers up for Christmas using very clever make up techniques. Here are some of our faves…

Navy Flick With A Sassy Bow

Swap your black liner for a gleaming blue then use a tiny brush to create a classic gift ribbon on the end of one eye flick.

Cheeky Elf

Best way to get noticed at a Christmas party? Have a naughty little Christmas elf perched on your peepers! You might need to rope in a creative pal to help you with this one. It’s all in his eyes, you see…

Twisted Bow

If you’re a fan of a chic, classic look this deep rouge and gold style might be for you.

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Oh Christmas Tree

A whole Christmas tree on your EYES? Erm, yes please! Save this look for your most festive of bashes.

Ding Dong

Not much of a flick here but who cares when the bells are this big! Add an accent of fun to your look with silvery bells.

Santa Baby

Or how about this little cutie? Grab a longwear grey liner and create a cute Moomin with a Santa hat on the outer corner of your eye. Dot silver liner above to create a chic snow storm.